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October 2016

My Manifesto

Today I had the formative submission for Brief 1- Visual Manifesto. Even if it wasn't marked I finalised my artwork so I can focus on the next projects and leave this away. My concept is based on me as a designer... Continue Reading →


What I’m really thinking

In today's lecture for Creative Design Practice, we as a group had to create a story and a visual about the university Art and Design Lecturer thinking in the real world or an imaginative scenario. The brief was inspired by... Continue Reading →

Rebrand the Creative Mornings

I am part of the Creative Mornings with some of my classmates and the first task is to rebrand it. I am currently experimenting with new icons and this is what I have so far.

How much am I worth?

In the last lecture of Professional Practice, we investigated a new subject about how we should charge for our work and what wage we need to have in order to live the lifestyle we want. Another important aspect of this brief... Continue Reading →

Work Shadowing – Graphic Designer

I booked my place in a Careers & Employability event for Wednesday the 19th of October, where I can learn more about Arran Critchley and Chris Pine career history, their current roles and the outlook of their career path and business.  They... Continue Reading →

First Graphic Design Interview

Yesterday I had my first interview for a graphic design internship in Liverpool. I put together some printed works from the first and second year of uni as well with my digital portfolio. My interviewer was very impressed and I was really... Continue Reading →

Personal blog about Graphic Design

This first post is just about the purpose of this blog. I am a third-year student and in one module- Professional Practice, I have to create a blog where I should analyse, synthesise and critically reflect on art and design... Continue Reading →

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