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December 2016

Live Creative Project commissioned by Unfold Design Agency

As part of the Professional Practice assessment, one task is to have a brief outside the degree programme. I was lucky to be contacted by Dominic Witter, the Creative Director for Unfold Design Agency, who required some illustrations for a... Continue Reading →


The Artist’s Book exhibition. Review

Elizabeth Kealy-Morris is one of my lecturers at University of Chester and the Programme Leader for Fashion Marketing, and Communication. Luckily, her exhibition was in the Foyer at my campus and I could see a collection of Elizabeth’s handmade artefacts, related... Continue Reading →

Fig Taylor Lecture

Fig Taylor is the Association Of Illustrators's resident Portfolio Consultant and she has been advising illustrators on how to make the best of their portfolio since the 1980’s. The tips and bits of advice that she told us, were very... Continue Reading →

Creative Mornings: Life after graduation

Yesterday we had a new lecture and Laura Robertson was the second Guest Lecturer for Creative Mornings. This lecture was inspirational, but at the same time made me realise how hard is to get into the industry and how important... Continue Reading →

Joe Magee Lecture

Joe Magee is a Freelance Illustrator and Filmmaker, his work has shown widely at galleries and film festivals internationally and he won many awards in this field. I found his lecture very captivating and I learned many tips good for... Continue Reading →

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