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February 2017

Lecture: Scott Duffey and Jonny Kimber

Yesterday we had two ex-students giving the lecture for professional practice.  Scott Duffey graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and now he works mainly as an illustrator. After he finished his course he started to learn more about web... Continue Reading →


My portfolio

I just finished my portfolio booklet and it can be viewed online here: Portfolio

Review movie: La La Land

I managed to find some time to watch this movie that became nominated 14 times for different Oscars. I am not a huge fan of musicals, but this one is a great one.  Every song in the movie is fantastic and... Continue Reading →

The second Workshop with Vicki Shields and Dom

The second workshop with Vicki was a good inspiration source for how we can use our right-brain, the one dedicated to creativity, curiosity and intuition in a more effective way. We started with some exercise by dividing an A3 page... Continue Reading →

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