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March 2017

Tim Sharp and Erika Shorter, Uniform

Last week the guest speaker was Tim Sharp, the Creative Director of Uniform, who reviewed my portfolio for Professional Practice. Tim presented the lecture with Erika, part of the Uniform team, in a really catchy way as they had a... Continue Reading →


My Degree Project

My final project developed a lot since the first proposal in December. At that moment I knew I want to do a branding project but I was not sure for what product and I thought I would like do a... Continue Reading →

Big Book Crit Manchester

Last week I was part of a free networking event in Manchester. It was a great experience as I made connections with many Creative Directors and they looked at my portfolio in speed-critique sessions. The event was around 4 hours, and... Continue Reading →

Switch. Business Plan

This week I had the final presentation with my team, for the Design Management and production. We decided to create an event and catering business. Some insight of our business concept: At Switch, our mission is simple: we want to have... Continue Reading →

Portfolio Interview

One significant part of Professional Practice is a portfolio interview with influential people in art and design industry. My interview was with Tim Sharp, the Creative Director of Uniform design agency. I was really nervous before it, but it felt... Continue Reading →

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