This week I had the final presentation with my team, for the Design Management and production. We decided to create an event and catering business. Some insight of our business concept: At Switch, our mission is simple: we want to have fun. We provide happiness and joy through food, music and art. Our vision is to switch the ordinary food and bring an extraordinary mood for each student. What’s our purpose? We’re here to surprise you and give you authentic food experiences.

I come up with a unique way to present the business plan, by using coasters that had all the information and some illustration related to our business.


I come up with the name as we want to create a change so another way to say it was the word switch, which means “an act of changing to or adopting one thing in place of another”, and after I created the catchphrase “Switch the food, for a better mood”.

I also designed the logo and found a theme for the brand.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.04.41

Overall, I was happy with the work that I have done, the part that disappointed me was the group work which many times had gaps and miscommunication problems. For a couple of weeks, I spent more that 15 hours on this project in order to get all the thigs done. I created the presentation every single week as well with the layout for the business plan, coasters and a booklet as well.