My final project developed a lot since the first proposal in December. At that moment I knew I want to do a branding project but I was not sure for what product and I thought I would like do a perfume. As well the problem that inspired me was that is a huge trend this year that showcases embroidery, and no one knows where it come from or what is the story behind the beautiful patterns. The first type of Romanian blouse “IE” is considered to be born in Cucuteni Culture starting as early as the sixth century BC.  As my home-country is Romania, I want to pass the knowledge about this tradition and its value, and how the craft process is lost in the modern times, once the industrialisation takes over.

People are more concerned about its popularity and value, rather than it’s origins. But it is much more than that, they are charged with meanings. In the past, peasants used to match their clothes to their mood.

The primary signs are part of our spiritual and cultural inner. Some of the meanings correspond with artistic, energetic, cosmic elements. As well, some elements have much stronger meaning, bioenergetics (the study of the transformation of energy in living organisms), life spirals or the dual unity between human and nature.

At the beginning of this project, I focused on the branding part, finding a name and an icon for the perfume. I used a minimal icon to show the source of inspiration. IE is the Romanian word for the peasant top and Linea is the latin word for the same product. Starting with my icon I created many patterns and designed the packaging.




After the workshop with Vicki from Victory Fields and some more brainstorming I was brave enough to think about a different idea, something that is more connected with Romania, and that’s why I chose wine. The history of wine making in the territory of today’s Romania goes back almost 2,000 years. There are 8 important regions for wine making, and as well embroidery varies from region to region. Therefore, I decided to take a pattern from each region and use it to brand each bottle. As well because my designs are inspired by embroidery I used an embroidery machine to create the labels in a shape of a sleeve. The problem is that this embroidery machine was never used and sometimes is not working normal, it breaks needles or the fabric. All I know about it I learned myself from online tutorials or its manual, so I am not sure why is it doing this. I have a backup plan in case I can’t fix it, but I would love to use it.

The final project would also include a brand guideline book which will be hand bounded using a japanise stitching method.