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May 2017

My first bookbinding experience

For my final project, I had designed a booklet that presents the story of embroidery as well as some of the brand values. I had chosen a Japanise binding and embroidered the book cloth for both covers. On the back... Continue Reading →


Packaging Of The World submission

I submitted 3 images and a statement for my final project on Packaging Of The World and they accepted my design and published on their website. I am so chuffed to see this as this website is a great inspirational source... Continue Reading →

Final Degree Updates

This week was very productive. I made my last labels and I worked with the embroidery machine again and is working just fine now, after all the troubles I had with it. As well I made with Chris nine floating... Continue Reading →

Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett is the 'creative'. He presented himself as an artist, designer, musician, entrepreneur and curator. His goal was to become a musician, but his career was mostly based on graphic design. Some of his work was described as physical... Continue Reading →

‘May: as well’ change my job

It's already May and we are almost finished the third year!! I can't believe how fast this year flew by and we are so close to the end of this great experience. I am really happy that I sorted my... Continue Reading →

Final work statement

This work investigates the complexities of tradition and combines two elements with a significant history; wine and embroidery. The research has drawn inspiration from Romanian folk costume and traditional peasant tops. The most important piece of the traditional female costume,... Continue Reading →

The last lecture of Creative Mornings

Paul Pensom is the art director of Creative Review and he was the guest speaker for the last lecture of Creative Mornings. His lecture was inspiring and helpful as he presented a set of rules for graphic designers. The first... Continue Reading →

Professional Facebook Page

Today I spent some time creating a Facebook page for my professional work. In every lecture of Professional Practice, the guest speaker has mentioned the importance of social media and online self-promotion. This is one step further to get out there... Continue Reading →

Valedictory Prizewinner

I am glad to say that after 3 years of hard work I am rewarded with the Hollybank Prize for the consistently high standard work. The ceremony is on 9th June 2017, and I already confirmed my attendance. I am well chuffed as I... Continue Reading →

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