Paul Pensom is the art director of Creative Review and he was the guest speaker for the last lecture of Creative Mornings. His lecture was inspiring and helpful as he presented a set of rules for graphic designers. The first rule is to do something shocking by means to surprise ourselves sometimes, to get out of our preconceptions and comfort zone. The second rule was to do reverse engineering in order to discover how it works the way it does and to take the elements apart for any type of graphic project. For example, if we see a great poster we can analyse the point size of the type, the colour use, allignments, grid systems etc. Some other advices were about our portfolio, for example, to be a ruthless editor and choose just the best pieces and change our portfolio according to the job title. Regarding the job position, we should do our ‘homework’ and research the place well before going there for the interview. We should pay more attention to details and zoom in our work when we present it and as well with finishing the work with the same enthusiasm as we started it. Another useful advice was to not follow fashion, so if we create something to do it in our style/way so it doesn’t imitate others, in this way we create a consistent body of work.

About the Creative Review, Paul has some great news, the magazine will be entirely digitised and we can see the archive online.

I had some questions for Paul at the end of the lecture, about the online articles for degree show. I know that sometimes they post on their website images from different degree shows around the country. He said that I can submit my work online on their website and I just submitted two images and a statement, fingers crossed I may get a reply with some feedback about it.