Michael Bennett is the ‘creative’. He presented himself as an artist, designer, musician, entrepreneur and curator. His goal was to become a musician, but his career was mostly based on graphic design. Some of his work was described as physical designs as he is using objects and laser-cut text as an installation which is photographed and used for posters, he mentioned that taking pictures is a lot easier than creating digital posters. The most important lesson is his life experience, even he is just 29, he had so many ups and downs in his career. He got back up after he lost everything and he continued to live his dream. Michael is the guy who’s never scared to do what pops in his head and very openminded. Some of his bits of advice are making a lot of sense, especially for designers, for example, “a brand that takes you a year to perfect, can help you for the next ten”.

Photo credits: http://www.getintothis.co.uk/2013/03/milkpresents_a_liverpool/