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Rosalind Davis Lecture

Rosalind Davis is an artist, curator and teacher from London. Her lecture was about art and life experience and useful tips that we can follow when we are looking for jobs. An interesting idea was to create a map with places... Continue Reading →


Abstract: The Art of Design | Review

I have heard about Abstract series from many sources, so I decided to give myself some time and watch it. Its genre is a documentary and the first set introduces the work and creative process of eight leading designers. It starts... Continue Reading →

Uniform Placement

Today was my second day of placement with Uniform, Design and Innovation Agency, in Liverpool. This place is fantastic! The team is so varied, people are friendly, and I met two Romanians. My brief was to create an identity and... Continue Reading →

Teamwork for the Degree Show

I am part of the design team for the degree show. We met a couple of times to discuss and brainstorm what we want to do for our catalogue and the overall theme. We had a look on a website for... Continue Reading →

The final project

This week I spent time on developing patterns for wrapping paper designs. Each pattern is related to a different region and it has a meaning considering the shapes and lines that structure the symbol. As well I considered Colour Theory... Continue Reading →

Wendy Mason, AA2A

This Friday, the guest speaker was Wendy Mason, the director of Artists Access to Art Colleges. The talk was about the benefits of self-employment for artists and designers. She explained how easy it is to get self-employed and how we can create... Continue Reading →

Tim Sharp and Erika Shorter, Uniform

Last week the guest speaker was Tim Sharp, the Creative Director of Uniform, who reviewed my portfolio for Professional Practice. Tim presented the lecture with Erika, part of the Uniform team, in a really catchy way as they had a... Continue Reading →

My Degree Project

My final project developed a lot since the first proposal in December. At that moment I knew I want to do a branding project but I was not sure for what product and I thought I would like do a... Continue Reading →

Big Book Crit Manchester

Last week I was part of a free networking event in Manchester. It was a great experience as I made connections with many Creative Directors and they looked at my portfolio in speed-critique sessions. The event was around 4 hours, and... Continue Reading →

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